Cat 'N Mouse Promo uses VideeBop to save time and hire better

Jonnie Rosen

Co-Founder, Cat 'n Mouse Promo

Hiring Thousands of Brand Ambassadors with VideeBop

I oversee the hiring at Cat ’n Mouse, and VideeBop has significantly improved, simplified, and expedited the process.

As a nationwide experiential marketing company, a major part of our business involves providing outstanding brand ambassadors to represent some of the most exciting brands at various event activations, festivals, and in-store samplings.

Before VideeBop, the hiring process was a mess. I would post an ad for one of our events on a job posting site and receive a bunch of applications. Sorting through each one, scheduling phone calls, and arranging video meetings was a time-consuming and tedious process, often disrupted by cancellations and interrupted by ringing doorbells and barking dogs during interviews.

With VideeBop, the process is now streamlined: when I receive applications, I go to VideeBop, type up three questions for the applicants, and send them a link. The responses I receive are video recordings of the applicants answering my questions. This allows me to see and hear their personalities, a stark contrast to the previous method. The applicants also appreciate this approach as it allows them to record their responses at their convenience, in a comfortable setting, and showcase their personalities more effectively than through a resume and an email alone.

I've hired hundreds of brand ambassadors for some of the most iconic brands using VideeBop. It's saved me countless hours and made the hiring process not only more efficient but also enjoyable.

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